5 Tips to Increase Your Site Conversion Rates

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The ability of your website to convert determines the number of sales you make. Higher conversion rates mean high sales volumes. Use the tips mentioned below to increase your site’s conversion rates.

Work on Your Landing Pages

When you ask highly successful websites what they do to get more conversions, they will tell you to work on your landing page. Your prospective customers should be able to clearly see what your business is about on the home page. This page should give them a reason to click more links on the site and place orders.

Make sure that your landing page gets right to the point, explaining what the business is all about. Explain why customers should engage with you instead of your competitors, and make it easy for them to know how to engage with your business, either through a social media link or signing up for a newsletter. You’ll also want to make sure the landing page looks appealing and that everything is readable. Don’t pick a unique font that’s hard to read, because anyone who visits the site will promptly leave to find a more readable site.

Test Your Call-to-Actions

Make sure you have a call-to-action that leads prospective customers to wherever you want them to go to. A call-to-action is especially important if you are running a small business. You want to make sure that customers feel more comfortable purchasing from a small business like yours. Give your potential customers something to think about and do rather than just a heap of information. Follow up that information with something for them.

Some of the great ideas that might convince customers to buy from you include creating a behind the scene video of your company’s operations and including customer testimonials on your site. You can also add a proposition at the top of your website, telling customers how long you have been in business, your customer satisfaction rates, and the number of orders you have processed so far. Then write a call-to-action to convert those potential customers into actual customers.

Create a Responsive Website

A responsive website is now an essential component of web design. This is because a majority of people who access the internet do so from devices other than desktops. Users of laptops, tablets, and smartphones all regularly access websites, and those users need to be able to navigate your site as seamlessly as they could on a desktop. While the look might change from device to device, every feature visible on a large desktop monitor should be accessible on the smallest smartphone screen. Make sure your site is responsive enough. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on a great opportunity to increase your conversion rates, since potential customers won’t stick around long enough to do anything if you don’t.

Create Short Forms

Successful websites tend to have short forms for customers to fill out. You don’t want to give a customer 20 different fields they must fill out to submit the form. Just look at companies that have successful online histories. Their order forms are short and straight to the point, usually never having more than five fields. Time is money and people are impatient. They are more likely to move onto another site if you require them to spend too much time on it. Only ask what you need: first and last name, email or phone number, and maybe a password if they’re signing up for something

Work on Your Content

According to the Timmerman Group, you need content on your site that conveys the values and vision of your business. You also want content that’s true to your brand while showing your prospective customers that you can offer a solution to their problems. If they don’t find that on your site, they will move on to another one. Make sure your content provides value and helps prospective customers find solutions to their problems. You should also try to create shareable content, which your current customers can share with their friends through social media and email. Creating this kind of content will bring more people to your website, giving you more opportunities to convert new customers.


Sales conversion are the lifeblood of your business. It determines whether you will make profits or losses. To get more conversions and improve your sales volume, create a responsive website, develop clear landing pages, test call-to-actions and come up with short forms.

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