5 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Recruiting Efforts

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Recent statistics from 2017 suggest there are nearly 2.5 billion active social media users around the globe. It’s true that most users are individuals, hoping to keep in touch with family members or inform themselves of the latest breaking news headlines.

However, it’s also common for businesses to use them to advertise products to potential customers, share updates about business operations, and interact with an existing customer that might have questions or problems. Especially in recent years, entities also browse social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to recruit new employees. Here are five reasons why social media screening can improve your business’ recruiting efforts.


Social Media Screening Keeps Your Business Competitive

There are far more than just one handful’s worth of benefits regarding the employment of social media in your business’ job search. However, even after all quantifiable, tangible benefits are considered, there’s still one other positive potential result—keeping up with competitors.

With more than one-third of the world’s population on social media—up to 80 percent of the national population in some countries, like the United States—it’s not like Facebook, Twitter, and similar platforms disproportionately represent applicants; everybody has a social media profile, if not multiple, spanning all demographics.

Peoples’ words, thoughts, and actions can’t be recorded outside of peoples’ minds. However, on social media – even though people are consciously aware that potentially millions of others will end up seeing their posts—such actions exist indefinitely, or at least until users delete them or make them private to public audiences. Viewing such profiles allows businesses to accurately assess their behaviors and attitudes, allowing them to stay competitive in hiring top-notch talent.


Finding Currently Employed Talent Becomes Easier

Many jobs are posted on large-scale, national job boards like Monster and Indeed. While these sites are effective at linking employers with suitable workers, typically only those currently seeking employment browse such sites. Connecting with individuals that are already currently employed elsewhere is likely to prove difficult for businesses that don’t rely on social media.

In large part, people log onto social media to either entertain or inform themselves of what’s new, whether they’re interested in national news or only what their friends did that day. As its primary purpose—nor secondary, or even tertiary—isn’t to link individuals seeking employment with current openings, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are useful in regards to attracting talent that’s already employed, or otherwise not seeking employment – such characteristics indicate they’re likely worth hiring.


Social Media is Free to Use

Virtually every modern social media platform is free to browse, post, and otherwise utilize their features. Rather than studying for an HR degree or contracting an independent third-party to screen employees, relying on social media undeniably saves your business money.

Unless you’re a business owner and will be the only person to screen candidates for your position, hiring new employees unarguably costs a good deal of money. Planning on utilizing social media in your job search will unarguably cost money, ranging from simple employee wages to advanced metrics used to analyze applicants’ social media presences.


People Share Important Characteristics About Themselves Online

Even though most social media users thoroughly understand that people around the world can view posts, some ignorant or uncaring folk still post wholly inappropriate things. Conversely, it’s possible to perform thorough assessments of character and find an applicant be better suited for employment than any other candidate.


Posts Can Readily Be Shared With Others

On social media, users can instantaneously share their attitudes and beliefs with people around the world. Similarly, so can posts and advertisements about your business seeking applicants, making social media an effective form of advertising in hopes of landing quality hires.


Whether you browse social media yourself or not, integrating the digital phenomenon into your business’ practices is likely to improve recruiting efforts.



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