5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Google Search

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Getting better search engine results doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the most successful blogs and websites often gain traction with Google and other search engines through consistently posting good content. If you’re thinking about a content marketing strategy to get better search engine results, here are five tips that will help.

Customer Reviews

According to Search Engine Watch, adding customer reviews to your business’s website boosts your site’s SEO potential. Aside from giving you a near constant supply of new material, which search engines love, reviews encourage people to buy.

Up to 90% of consumers will read a business’s reviews before buying, and of those, 72% of them will buy something after reading a positive review about a company.

Use the Right Images

While ordinary stock images won’t help your SEO rankings much, high-quality ones can boost your site’s Google results a great deal. Choose pictures that tell a story and engage your audience. As well, be sure to add tags to the photos so that the search engines will index the images correctly.

Add Video Content

KissMetrics.com reminds its readers that the right video can earn you tons of backlinks to your website. It is these backlinks that help your site rank higher in the search engines.

Offering the viewer something genuinely exciting and helpful counts as the best way to get the search engines and your social media followers to notice you.

Local Content

A good number of people who conduct Internet searches are searching for something local. According to Forbes, 50% of people who searched for something local on their smartphone went on to buy something that day.

Given this statistic, it’s essential that you localize your website if you can. Add a map, your local address, and phone number, keywords that reference your city/ town, etc. These keywords help pull your business’s site to the top of local searches, allowing you to compete in a smaller pool of competitors.

Use the Right Keywords

Much of SEO success has to do with using the right keywords. Entrepreneur.com suggests that webbies use particular keywords to attract readers and the search engines.

For example, instead of opting for a keyword phrase like “dog food,” which is pretty generic, go for something specific. Words like “make raw dog treats” or “gourmet dog food” narrows down the number of competitors you have and helps you establish your niche.

Final Words

To rank well in the search engine optimization game, your SEO efforts must be consistent and provide useful content for readers and viewers. Adding proper keywords, video, local SEO terms, and the right images are just some of the ways to improve your site’s search engine results.

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