5 Ways Website Coding Impacts an SEO Approach

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In today’s digital world, the best way to compete is to have a stellar online presence. If you don’t have the right tools and techniques in place, your SEO can suffer. Without great SEO, customers won’t find you and you’ll miss out on easy sales. But the right coding can increase traffic via SEO engagement. It’s one of the major things you can do to make sure your clients and customers have the best experience possible. According to First Page Rankings, “understanding code, web design, sound UX and fundamental marketing concepts should be part and parcel to your SEO approach. Here is how it affects SEO:


Many business owners don’t realize that the speed of their site is one of the most important factors in their SEO. The search engines like Google have recently made it a point of differentiation between the top ranking sites and those at the bottom. The reason for this is obvious. User experience improves when the site is faster. Coding makes certain resources like JavaScript load faster.  Images also can be condensed to avoid taking up too many resources.

Understanding how to find hidden content especially when the code is benign will help in decreasing any lag times. If there is hidden content, it could cause a problem for Google to find it, which creates issues for your website showing up on the Google search engines. You can check this by looking at your website with JavaScript and CSS disabled. It might be enlightening to see what you have found. 


Today, it seems that mobile phones rule the world. Every year, they grow in use and the top companies in the world need to adapt by offering responsive design. When a mobile site loads, often times it is not meant for a phone. This can result in design factors that make the user frustrated. SEO is affected by this, and it’s a trend that’s going to increase. Why would a search engine want to promote your website if it is not optimized for mobile devices or isn’t responsive in nature? Google will favour those websites that meet the needs of its users, meaning that if your website is not optimised for access on a mobile device, then you are going to take a backseat to websites that are. 


Coding actually has strong ties to design. Google and other SEO giants know when a design is something that has good SEO qualities. Through coding, you can program certain positions of imagery which improve the ability for people to find what they’re looking for. Some in the industry have said that by having more pages on your website might create more traffic. However, according to nirmal.com, websites within a single page is outstanding and unique, especially when combining with a remarkable background. It is worth trying both designs in order to determine how Google will understand the content of your website. The right design can make all the difference. 

Tags and Structure

SEO is largely based on tags and structures within the code of the site. This is where a developer can come in handy. By changing the links and code in the skeleton of the site, it can help search engines find your site and specific pages better. Beware not to keyword stuff or put too many tags however. The tags are a key element for any website. They allow readers to get a quick look at what the web page or content is about. You want these tags to be catchy or worthy of the readers attention. Headings provide a context indicator in the appearance of keywords to the search engine. 


Security is the new factor that every business needs to pay attention to. Have a https instead of a http header. Google will notice, and it will boost your SEO. You want to ensure that the spam is weeded out because it can slow down your site and cause a great deal of problems. There are those who are always looking to hack into a site and retrieve information. This security can be provided through the right code or even retrieved from the website host. 

Long gone are the days where you could just throw up any old site and have it rank with SEO. Now you need the right technical back end to have the most traffic possible. If you use the coding resources available to you, you can experience higher conversion and sales. So don’t miss out, get technical expertise involved in your web presence today.


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