How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

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Since the beginning of the internet, blog posting has been used to describe various businesses looking for traffic. Whether it’s the company putting the post together themselves or someone else raving about their products, posting plays a vital role in how a business is able to garner searches and customers. The question, however, is how long should a blog post be?

The Word Length

If a company wants to have a lot of searches, they must consider the word count. If they are using office software, there are word count tools that will help them keep up with the number of words they are writing. The general rule of thumb is that a blog post must be at least 300 words. Now that depends on the type of post that is needed. If it is professional, then the word count will need to be more. If it is a sports post, maybe 500 words. If there is more than one person blogging on the same topic, then it should stay at least 300 in length. An example of this would be blog posts from Disney World – ad posts on social media from the travel agents that work for the company are very high. These same agents will then post blogs about the different packages, foods, and events that Disney World of hits in the Google search engines. These posts do not have to be long because every agent is blogging, and content is getting out and about. This gives Disney a high position on Google to get a huge amount of searches. At times though, a higher word count might be preferred, something around 1,500 words as research states. But do this only if you have enough to say on the topic you’re writing about, as it’s not always needed to write that much. Stick to what you know, focus on keywords, and aim to make the content as engaging as you can. And of course, anything higher than 2,000 is definitely going to be pushing, so we recommend that you don’t that limit.

Marketers And Small Businesses

If your business is small and you need to get traffic to your site, consider hiring a marketing agency that knows how to post different things about your business, or at least can help you come up with a nice, individualized strategy. They can write posts in a way that will get you noticed. Marketers know how many words to use and what to say. You will have a huge increase in sales thanks to their skills. The best part is any keywords you want to see used in those post, they know how to naturally fit those in and how many times to use them.

Yes, your blog post lengths do not have to be too much of a hassle. As long as you know what will bring traffic to your site, using the word count tools available, your post should be fine. So go on, and post those blogs.

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