Making a Name for Your Business Through Reputation Management

Over half of the people that will buy from your business will have sought reviews from people who have used the product. Brand recognition is not the only thing that affects your market share. The brand reputation also influences the reason to buy or not to buy. A good reputation is actually worth than high income.

Why do you need to manage your reputation?

Bad reputation has an impact on the perception of quality of your products. It may lead to lower sales and lawsuits, especially where a client claims to have been injured by defective goods or wrong ingredients. You can avoid this by being proactive in managing the business reputation.

Don’t bother trying to Google your business name and check every social media page for mentions of your brand. This is cumbersome and takes lots of time. Instead, here are a few strategies you may employ to manage your business reputation and make a name for the business.

Offer quality service

It may sound obvious. However, a quality service is the best way to get positive feedback and reviews from your clients. Make promises that you can you can exceed in the delivery. Give your clients a reason to praise your services.

Automate the monitoring function

Most of the reviews, whether positive or negative, take place online. Automate your monitoring to get instant alerts when your brand or business name is mentioned on the internet. A good area to start is setting up Bing and Google alerts.

However, these two are not fully effective in reporting all the mentions. You can try such tools as WhosTalkin and Mention.

Encourage positive reviews

You may be surprised by the number of clients who are satisfied with your products but are just quiet. Encourage these clients to write reviews and invite their friends to try your products. You cannot stop negative reviews, but you can mitigate the impact with many positive reviews.

Provide avenues for your customers to vent

Even if you are offering quality service, you will get a customer or two who are not satisfied with the service. Instead of letting such customers vent online, provide a means that they can vent out. You can set up a customer care desk and anonymous feedback forms.

Respond to negative reviews

Most customers look for your response after making the negative reviews. Your response can retain these customers and bring a lot more. Have an account with the lending review sites such as Google Reviews, Urban Spoon, social media pages, or whatever is popular in your area.



With the right strategies, you can build your business name and brands such that you gain customer trust and become an authority in your industry. This translates to fewer legal issues and higher sales volumes.

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