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Although it may not be perceived as a “sexy” marketing topic, the fundamental elements of digital local marketing for business are as essential as they come. A business can get by without implementing the fundamentals but it is a short-term, flawed business model.

We hear often about the changes to Google that have had a huge positive or negative effect on business websites but at the heart of these changes are a trend. It is the direction that Google is travelling and the changes they make reflect that journey.

That journey is where the needs of the consumer and the aims of Google cross paths. So by aiming your marketing strategy at the consumer you automatically align yourself with the aims of Google.


Google is looking for three main things from a business:

1: Relevancy

2. Consistency

3. Authority


Every business needs these things. All strategies are built on these elements so without them the others may prove less effective or difficult. However by doing these things, makes it far more likely that you’ll improve search rankings therefore receive more enquiries.

We have the tools you need to help you evaluate and improve your online credibility today.

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